How I Shot This
This was all kind of run and gun. Colton, the BMX rider knew the area well and is crazy talented. I just had to keep up. I shot this with an iPhone X, Moment Wide lens, stabilized by the Freefly Movi Cinema Robot. I was able to stay with the rider so well because I was on a Boosted board. At first it was a little tricky riding and framing shots but after a while I found my groove. I knew I wanted certain shots and kept referring to my mental shot list throughout our ride. For example, I knew I wanted multiple shots of the bunny hop over 9 steps. I asked Colton, "How many times can you do this?" He said, "Oh, I can do this as many times as you need." I think we did it 5-6 times, 2 from behind and 4 from the front. 
Almost ate it...forgot which direction the board was facing.


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